When The DJ Loses The Van Keys

1 min read February 10, 2018 at 9:21pm on birthday dj, birthday party, dj, dj issues, dj loses keys, lost my van keys and stressed dj

When You Get A Call From The DJ Stressed!

I write about this as over the weekend one of our DJs lost there van keys with all the equipment inside. He was pretty stressed when calling me as he only realised when he had to leave for the booking. Luckily this is not our first rodeo and I could sort all he's problems out! I made him get to our warehouse and get all the equipment needed and get to the party & set up. The Birthday Girl needs the playing music on time.

One thing I make sure is we have back up plans for every moment. Not much you can do if you lose your keys and can't get in to your van. But one thing you can do is make sure we have a solution when it dose happen. 

It got me thinking how many people have these sorts of issues. It would be great to get some of your stories. If you want to send them in to us and we will ad it to our blog. email 

Your be glad to know the party went great and the Birthday girl was dancing all night! 


Birthday girl dancing