Why book a DJ for your Wedding?

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Why book a DJ?

If you're still thinking you don't need a DJ or any sort of wedding entertainment it's worth keeping in mind the role the DJ plays at the wedding. Not only do they often take on the roll as MC and provide all the mics for the speeches, they're also there to get the party started. If you just press play on a spotify playlist, you may have a bunch of great tunes ready to go but a DJ is there to respond to the crowd, understand what's getting everyone up and dancing and make sure the party keeps going right until the very end! Managing the music yourself can be risky and ensuring someone else is in charge of making sure you've got the right, party atmostphere is a weight off your shoulders. Just like we recommend with your musicians, you should try and book your DJ 7-8 months before your wedding date as they do get booked up fast.

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