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Happy coupleWe R dJsWedding Dj - Party Dj - Club Dj - Festival Dj - Radio Dj 🙌🏼

Are they all the same ? Our personal view is NO they are not. 

WERDJs always hear these stories about the DJ played the wrong music and it destroyed our event. 

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been there many years ago and didn’t have the selection and technology I have now days.  

You get a booking because somebody knows that your a good radio or club DJ then when Thank you arrive to a private function its totality a different ball game. Remember people are attending certain clubs and bars because they like the music the club advertise and over the years I’ve have many strange experiences where your be playing RNB and your get a random request ??

Do you play it ?? That’s up for you to decide ?? My advice is: if you are booked by a promoter/club manager then check with them ? But make sure you have a strong collection of creates that cater for all.

WERDJs are very selected of our DJs and all of our DJs can cater for all its a lot more harder to find DJs that can play everything and play it the right way... (that’s a blog for another day). But please when searching for a DJ make sure you are clear on what music you want them to play.