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Wedding Dj - Party Dj - Club Dj - Festival Dj - Radio Dj

Wedding Dj - Party Dj - Club Dj - Festival Dj - Radio Dj 🙌🏼 Are they all the same ? Our personal view is NO they are not.  WERDJs always hear these stories about the DJ played the wrong music and it destroyed our event.  I think it’s fair 

Last Song Of The Night

What Song Do You Think Is The Best Last Song! When thinking of planning the music for your day, you mainly think of first dances, cutting the cake & opening song. You don't much think of the last songs! Unless of course your a Dj then you know that the 

How To Organise Your Wedding Day For Less Then £10,000

Trying To Put On Your Special Day On A Budget!   Many of us want to get married but either can't justify spending the the same amount of money you could put a deposit on an actual house or don't want to compromise on the day you had always dreamt 

Being A Vegan DJ

Being A DJ & Being Vegan! 5 Weeks ago I decided to become Vegan. I thought the trickiest part was going to be whilst on the road and trying to eat Vegan, after 6 months of only eating Organic food & finding it hard when staying away from home. I 
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