Is It Really My Dream Dress?

2 min read July 4, 2017 at 7:51pm on bride, brides, bridesmaids, dream dress, getting married, my day, picking my wedding dress, planning my wedding, The House Of Mooshki, wedding, wedding day, wedding dress and wedding reception

Do you really know when its the right dress and if you do how do you know? The truth is I don't know and I've brought mine! When we first got engaged I must of looked at every wedding dress on the internet and found my "dream dress". The House Of Mooshki dress was everything I could of imagined walking down the aisle in and more and so I mentally ticked the dress off my to do list. Although, I knew I was going to have to lose some weight before I would dream of putting that dress on. After having 2 kids my body wasn't how I wanted it but I had over a year.A few months later I became unwell and during that time was given a cocktail of different medication which destroyed all efforts of losing weight and then some. My poor mum would ask to take me dress shopping and I would make excuses, the last thing I wanted to do was try on wedding dresses. Eventually I agreed to go and look at flower girl dresses down the West End and was starting to look forward to shopping for the wedding again. Whilst in a department store of course my mum happens upon the Bridal section and thinks we should just have a look. Which then turns into lets just try on some dresses ( yes she uses "we" like she's got to put on a dress) to get an idea of what you like. I can't lie I was a little bit excited, that was of course until I stood in a room full of mirrors taking off my clothes bouncing around trying to find a wall to back on to. Whilst a lovely young girl tried to get me in an awful looking dress that by the time it was at my shoulders I was already taking it off. Then came the Princess dress, don't get me wrong, looks stunning on some people but definitely not someone with shoulders like mine and I was done! I couldn't get the dress off quick enough whilst tears streamed down my face I no longer cared about who saw I was getting this dress off and getting out of this place. I was devastated but certain I wasn't doing that again...................... To Be Continued