Am I expecting to much?

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I'm sure I can't be the only one who has argued with their partner more whilst planning our wedding in the last year, then we have in our whole 10 year relationship! After 8 and a half years, 2 dogs, 2 homes and eventually 2 kids he finally decided to ask me to marry him. The first few weeks were perfect and everything you imagine it would be like when you get engaged and start planning your wedding. I had picked a date, found my perfect venue and payed a deposit, choosen all my bridal party and even booked my caterer. My partner had said (numerous times may I add) that I could have it how ever I wanted so I was running with that planning seating plans and picking first dance songs. Then I started getting unwell and wedding planning took a backseat, and before I knew it 6 months had gone by and all of a sudden the wedding I had so long to plan was just around the corner. Not only that but my partner (yes the same guy who had said I can have what ever I want) had decided he had a whole lot of opinions about his big day. His first bright idea was to tell me he wasn't happy with my choice of song for our first dance,

Etta James - At Last and thought it should be a song we both like such as Kano's - Garage Skank

(honestly, I kid you not).As I'm sure you can imagine this didn't go down well and resulted in a lot of tears, he didn't understand that I had already lived this day over and over in my head and he couldn't just start changing the day. Then came his second bright idea, he told me he wasn't going to ask his groomsman to all wear the same suit as he thinks they should wear what they want. Your be glad to know there was no tears this time, I was fuming, how will the pictures look when all my bridesmaids are in identical dresses whilst his groomsman look like a random group of guys standing in the shots? Last but not least after showing little to no interest in the invitations or who we would send them to he would randomly remember a couple of people he had forgotten to invite. Now that wasn't a problem, everyone forgets some one but it was happening every few days. He had invited 7-8 people who's partners and families also need to be invited and it was close to 20 extra people taking us over our venue's capacity. Yes, this is the same guy who said I could have what ever I wanted! Now I know its his day as well but I just want it to be perfect and I know if he just leaves me to do it all .............. it will be!