Last Song Of The Night

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What Song Do You Think Is The Best Last Song!

When thinking of planning the music for your day, you mainly think of first dances, cutting the cake & opening song. You don't much think of the last songs! Unless of course your a Dj then you know that the Last Song will be the one everyones singing on there way home. Knowing this both myself and Jamie was discussing our go to last song of the night and want to know which one you think is best? 

DJ Dan's Last Song Of The Night

I have played this song as my last song of the night for over 10 years. I even remember playing at a club in Camden with a club full of ravers liking hip hop, garage & house. I was with DJ Mark Webster & he couldn't believe I was playing it. I knew I had to play it. Someone in the club paid us £5 to rewind the song! I have never played it without it going down well. The song is Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On


Jamie's Last Song Of The Night

Playing at a Wedding for the first time with Jamie he was picking the last song. When it first started I wasn't a fan of the choice but the guests all seemed to enjoy it. He was saying he always plays it and its the perfect last song. Although I do think its a great song I just think mines better! The song is Frank Sinatra - New York, New York


I did not add Mark's as he plays the same last song as me and the others guys don't have just one go to final song.


Let us know what you think is the better out of the 2. If you have any other suggestions also please do let us know.